About Us

The story of We Knead the Dough

An Idea… A Passion… A Creation… We Knead the Dough came to be!

Owner Lori started baking and decorating cookies out of her kitchen back in 2005 as a hobby; which she shared with family, friends and local business owners.

Lori's joy of baking these flavorful cookies and her creative flare for decorating quickly gained popularity. After much praise for her distinctive flavors and designs; through word of mouth, she began getting inquiries and orders for her special talent… And the rest is, shall we say, "how the cookie has been crumbling"!

As the baking continued and the company took off, Lori added corporate gifts, custom cakes, cupcakes and confections to her menu.

Through her passion and creative spirit, she has taken We Knead the Dough to new heights as a unique specialty boutique.

Our Declaration to Quality

We Knead the Dough is committed to produce and use only the finest high quality products - from ingredients used to recyclable and reusable packaging, our guarantee and pledge is to put forth the freshest hand crafted product which is sure to please any pallet!

Keeping with our tradition of all natural baked goods, our products packaging is also sustainable and reusable, keeping with our efforts for going green. We also source and support our local farms and manufactures in the USA!